Gainium review

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Gainium Review

Automated crypto trading is becoming the norm, and for a good reason. It makes things easier for aspiring traders since they can trade with bots.

Using trading bots also helps you to reduce losses by eliminating emotions; they also trade 24/7, so you won’t miss any opportunity to make money.

Are you looking for a place to start trading crypto? Look no further — Gainium is one place that offers many options and features for this. This review will highlight the many features that make it a reliable trading platform.

What is Gainium?

Gainium is a robust platform that offers crypto traders and investors the tools they require to trade profitably. These tools allow you to manage your portfolio and trade using bots.

You can create and test your trading strategies or deploy the existing trading bots on the platform. Gainium also allows you to analyze trading charts and view statistics to make informed trading decisions.

While most bot trading platforms offer these features, Gainium goes further to provide advanced features for technical traders with webhooks and APIs that you can use for external integration.

You can use the pre-built trading bots designed to make profits regardless of market conditions. Whatever your level of trading experience, you can use Gainium to trade on several exchanges, as we’ll discuss later.

Beginner-friendly features include copy and paper trading, which makes it more suitable for beginners.

Who owns and operates Gainium?

Gainium is a platform that a team of traders created for traders. The founder is Ares Sanchez, a developer, and trader based in Singapore. He and his team operate the company from there.

Is it safe?

Gainium uses high-level encryption to protect Its customers’ data. It is also highly secure to ensure no unauthorized persons can access users’ funds.

You can enable IP whitelisting of IP keys, a feature that keeps any third party from accessing your funds. In addition, the bots cannot access your funds since your assets are securely held in your exchange wallet.

It’s a safe platform for trading crypto because of these features.

How does it work?

You can sign up using Google, Twitter, Discord, or email. Once you sign up, you must decide whether to use paper trading or real money.

If you’re not experienced in trading, it is advisable to start with paper trading. After choosing the trading you want, you’ll need to provide your trading account details, including the exchange of your choice and the API key.

Your account will then be ready, and you can start trading using the existing trading bots or create bots using available templates.

Depending on what you wish to accomplish, you can choose the bot that most suits your purpose and start investing or trading.

Target users

Gainium has no restrictions on who can use the platform. If you have internet access, you can trade or invest in crypto.

Fees and charges

You may be wondering how much all of this costs. For now, Gainium lets you use the platform for free and provide feedback to improve it for everyone.

Supported exchanges

Gainium supports four top exchanges, including Binance, Binance US, KuCoin, and Bybit. Of course, more are coming, so if your preferred exchange isn’t supported, look for it when it is brought on board.

Available bots

There are different bots on Gainium; the one you choose depends on your needs. These are the major available ones.

  • DCA. Divide your investments into parts and invest strategically for a better overall price.
  • Copy trading. Copy the trades of pro traders, thus cutting your losses and increasing your profitability.
  • Grid. Profit in all market conditions while trading.
  • HODL. Buy and accumulate assets for the long term.

Notable features

  • Demo mode. Get a feel for how the platform works before using it
  • Webhooks. Send entry and exit signals from platforms such as Tradingview.
  • Backtesting. Test your new trading strategies before implementing them in your trades.
  • Paper trading. Start with paper trading to acquaint yourself with the platform before using your funds.

Pros and cons


  • Fast. Executes trading strategies without delay.
  • Beginner-friendly. Enables new traders to trade profitably as they learn.
  • Free. Use the platform at no cost.
  • Safe. The bots cannot access your funds.


  • New. Gainium is still new in the market.


  • Coinrule. A beginner-friendly crypto bot trading platform also suitable for pro traders.
  • Bitsgap. A simple but powerful platform designed for anyone interested in bot trading.
  • 3Commas. A trading hub for advanced traders, not suitable for newbies.

Is it worth it?

If you’re looking for a simple platform to start bit trading into crypto, Gainium is worth trying. There are experienced traders you can copy and make money while learning to trade.

The paper trading feature also allows you to learn and test your strategies without losing any real money.

Even as a pro trader, you can sign up on Gainium, offer your experience, and earn rewards.