Grant Cardone's daily routine

Published 16th June 2022

Entrepreneur, real estate investor, sales coach, motivational speaker, and author. Those are just some of the titles on Grant Cardone’s CV. He’s best-known for the 10X Growth Conference, the largest business and entrepreneur conference in the world, which he founded and launched.

Although Cardone's net worth is estimated to be hundreds of millions of dollars, he came from quite meager beginnings. His sales skills were honed during his time at a sales training company, but he didn’t enjoy what he was doing and started dabbling in illicit drugs. Eventually, his dabbling became a bad habit, and when he finally hit rock bottom, he had to go to a rehabilitation center.

In addition to learning how to cope with and overcome his addiction, Cardone became reacquainted with his desire for a better life. He was driven and had a strong desire for success. That drive and desire paid off, as he successfully built his own multi-million dollar empire.

Today, Grant Cardone leads a fulfilling, yet busy lifestyle, and he is highly motivated to push himself to do better, and he is dedicated to motivating others to do the same.

What follows is a typical day in the life of Grant Cardone, one of the wealthiest authors and motivational speakers in the world.

Inside a day in the life of Grant Cardone

Inside a day in the life of Grant Cardone


Grant Cardone attributes his success to his understanding that he needed to start relying on and showing up for himself. To achieve the success that he desired, he developed several rituals and routines. Rising before the sun is one of those routines, which he says gives him discipline and control over his life.

Every day, no matter where he is or what he is doing, he makes a point to beat the sunrise. Cardone claims that waking up before the sun each day automatically gives him a sense of accomplishment, puts him on the right track for the rest of his day, and guides his success.

After waking, he gets ready for the day. We couldn’t find much about his morning routine, but given the fact that he’s such a huge success, we’re assuming that he may do some exercise and that he eats a well-balanced meal.

Cardone is a strong advocate for eating healthy. He’s quoted as saying “the fuel you put in your body is going to have something to do with your energy.”


Afternoons are usually jam-packed for Grant Cardone. This is when he often attends business meetings with his colleagues, the people he coaches, investors, and other business owners.

As a world traveler, his afternoons often include logging flights aboard his private jet. He also records episodes for his YouTube channel, over which he provides millions of followers with motivational information, such as speeches and interviews. As a motivational speaker, Cardone’s afternoons frequently include headlining live speeches at venues packed with fans and followers.


Grant Cardone’s evening schedule is as varied as his afternoon schedule. This is understandable since he wears so many hats and has so many obligations.

In the evenings, he may attend meetings and host live events. He also spends time focusing on himself, eating a well-balanced dinner, and enjoying some downtime, either with loved ones or by himself.

As one of the best-selling American authors of all time, Cardone has published several directional and motivational books, and he commonly devotes time to writing in the evenings.

It is unknown what time Cardone usually goes to bed but given that he is dedicated to waking up before the sun each and every day – and is so committed to physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being – can assume that he turns in at a decent hour for a proper night’s sleep.