Jack Dorsey's daily routine

Updated 16th June 2022

The co-founder and former CEO of Twitter and co-founder of Block (né Square), Jack Dorsey is also a philanthropist. It would be an understatement to say that he leads a busy life.

You might be forgiven for thinking that such a prominent figure would need superpowers to manage their day. In fact, the secret to Dorsey’s success and wealth is his adherence to a very rigid schedule, which includes a set of specific habits like waking up early, taking frigid showers, and, instead of driving, walking to the office each day.

Though things may have changed since he stepped down from Twitter, it’s clear he leads a very busy life. The following is a glimpse into a day in the life of one of Big Tech’s most influential voices.

Inside a day in the life of Jack Dorsey

Inside a day in the life of Jack Dorsey


Jack Dorsey starts his days early, rising at 5 am, which affords him time to work on personal improvement.

Waking up while much of the world is still slumbering gives Dorsey time to himself. He uses that time to improve his mental and physical health through meditation, working out, taking long walks, and jogging.

He is famous for starting his day with an ice-cold bath, which he claims boosts his mental confidence.

Dorsey is also a proponent of the OMAD (one meal a day) diet. He usually skips breakfast to stay in a fasted state (because of the mental clarity that comes with it). On workdays, when he sticks to OMAD, his only meal is dinner.


When he was still the CEO of Twitter, Dorsey kept a detailed work schedule, dividing his time between working for Twitter in the morning and Block in the afternoon.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, rather than going into the office, he would work from home.

Potentially influenced by Dorsey, Twitter introduced made it company policy to let staff work from home permanently.


After work, Dorsey typically returns home at about 6:30 pm to spend the evening doing the things he loves, such as reading and cycling. He is known to enjoy evening saunas and ice baths, primarily for health benefits and mood modulation.

Dorsey’s private life is not widely publicized and his current relationship status is unknown, although he has dated several women.

Dinners are large on workdays since it was his first and only meal of the day. Staples include high protein foods (steak and fish) with salads of mixed greens.

Although it does not seem to be a weekly routine, he has spent several weekends in a fasted state from Friday to Sunday evening.

Dorsey is a journaler. One of the last things he does before bed is to summarize his day using the Notes app on his phone (because it is accessible, secure, and always available).