Kanye West's daily routine

Updated 1st April 2022

Kanye West's daily routine

A successful hip hop artist, producer, and entrepreneur, with a flair for politics, Kanye West is a colorful character to say the least.

He shot to fame after producing "Guess Who's Back" in Scarface's 2002 album The Fix. Since then he has released hit single after hit, collaborating with the elite of the music industry to produce chart-toppers for his legion of fans.

Today, his music career has taken somewhat of a back seat to his business interests. He helped design Nike's hit collection of "Yeezy" shoes, a smash hit that has netted millions in sales.

West is a busy man, and he frequently spends long hours at the office. So, what does the daily routine of this mogul look like?

Inside Kanye's day

Inside Kanye's day


The day starts early for Kanye. He's typically up at 6 am, ready to take on the day. He doesn't work out every day, but when he feels up to it, he'll go for a quick 30-minute jog.

However, since his separation and divorce from Kim Kardashian, he's moved into his ranch in Wyoming. The change in pace has left Kanye less focused on his health, and the claim is that the rapper rarely works out.

When he was still living with Kim, the couple's personal chef would prepare all their meals for the day. However, with Kanye now living at the ranch, it's not clear what his diet looks like.

Breakfast would usually be Kanye's first meal of the day, and he would return home for dinner in the evening, grabbing food with friends or business partners during the day.

After finishing breakfast, Kanye would head to the office to handle emails and texts while attending to the day's business.


Typically, Kanye spends his mornings doing paperwork and leave his meetings for the afternoon. After his morning work session, he takes a break for 30 minutes and then fills the afternoon with business meetings.

He is a family man and he loves spending time with his four kids, North, Saint, Psalm, and Chicago. Psalm is the youngest of the four, and she spends most of her time with Kim rather than Kanye.

When he does have time off in the afternoon, and his kids are available, Kanye enjoys hanging out with them for a few hours before tending to the evening's responsibilities. Usually he'll take them to the park or to a kid-friendly restaurant for a tasty treat and some fun. After the afternoon ends, he returns home for dinner.


The evening is when Kanye does his best work. Since he's in high demand as a producer and artist, he's always working on the next project. Kanye has a studio in Calabasas, on the outskirts of the city of Los Angeles.

Before the divorce, Kanye would eat at home with the family and head out for the evening. The couple's chef would prepare the family's evening meal, giving him a chance to spend some quality time with the kids. If he wasn't performing, Kim would join him at most social events.

A self-admitted night owl, he could be out on the town until 3 am or even 4 am. He tries to get at least six hours of sleep each night, rarely achieves it.