Adele's net worth

By   |   Updated 21st April 2022

Adele's Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Adele is a breathtaking $220 million.

Early life

Adele, her full name being Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, was born in May 1988 in London, England. She was born to Penny Adkins, a furniture maker, and Marc Evans, a translator.


Adele went to the Brit School for Performing Arts and Technology and graduated with an A-Level in Performing Arts.

Family Life

Adele resides in Los Angeles, California. The British born singer and mother of one child is divorced from her past partner Simon Konecki.

What does net worth mean?


What does net worth mean?

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How did Adele build her net worth?

Adele built the bulk of her wealth through her music career, and she's one of the richest voice talents in music. Most of her earnings come from touring.

During the tour for her third studio album, "25" from 2016 to 2017, the singer grossed a staggering $252 million in merch and ticket sales.

Adele nets $74 million from the tour earnings, and she reportedly earned $10 million from her debut album "19" and $15-million for "21," her second studio album.

Adele also sang the headline track for the "Skyfall" James Bond movie in 2012, landing her an Academy Award, a Grammy, and a Golden Globe. 2012 proved to be the singer's best year, netting her $18 million in earnings.

After her success, she took a three-year hiatus, but the money kept rolling in for the singer.

She went on to earn $30 million in 2013 and an astounding $70 million in 2014.

The release of "25" in 2015 saw Adele earn $60 million for the year, with the singer netting no less than $10-million a year since the release of "25."

However, the touring makes all the difference, with her 2016 tour showing combined earnings in 2017 of $150 million.

After the tour ended, she went on to earn a combined $40 million in 2018 and 2019.

How have Adele spent her wealth?

Adele has translated her success from the stage into real estate. She owns $11 million estate in West Sussex in England, a $9.5 million house and another $10.65 million house in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

In her garage, Adele is said to own an stylish collection of cars including a Volkswagen Sharan, Range Rover Vogue, Mercedes Benz S-Class, Audi Q7, Cadillac Escalade, and Porsche Cayenne.

Adele Quote

The way I write my songs is that I have to believe what I'm writing about, and that's why they always end up being so personal - because the kind of artists I like, they convince me, they totally win me over straight away in that thing. Like, 'this song is totally about me.'
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How rich is Adele?

Adele is incredibly rich. She is worth an estimated $220 million.

Is Adele a millionaire?

Yes, Adele is a multi-millionaire.

Is Adele a billionaire?

No, Adele has not yet cracked the glass ceiling of the billionaire club.

Was Adele born rich?

Adele's net worth is a result of her own work. She was not born rich. Far from it, Adele grew up in the town of Brighton on the south coast of England. Her estranged father, left her mother to bring her up on her own. She supported Adele by working as a furniture maker and adult-learning activities center.

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