Brian Armstrong's net worth

By   |   Updated 25th March 2022

Brian Armstrong Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Brian Armstrong is $13 billion.

He is a businessman and most well known as being the CEO of Coinbase. He has also published several books under his name and acted in one fiction film and one documentary. Brian is one of the youngest billionaires in the world.

The Early Life of Brian Armstrong

Brian was born in San Jose, California in 1983. Both of his parents were in the engineering field, and he spent the bulk of his younger years in California. He was a very social child and had a rather large circle of friends in which he was often placed in leadership roles. Aside from that his younger years followed a typical path for kids his age.

Brian Armstrong’s Education

Brian came from a family of engineers, however, he decided to chase his own dreams instead of following the family model. He attended college at Rice University and obtained a BA in economics and computer science. He further went on to complete his master's degree in the field of computer science which he obtained in 2006.

How did Brian Armstrong build his net worth?

He has a net worth of $13 billion dollars. Let’s discuss how he came to control such a vast fortune.

Brian Armstrong completed his master's in 2006, but during his school years, he started an educational company. The name of this company was Edtech and it was used to help match students in need of help with tutors in their area. After graduation, he relocated to Argentina for a time and expanded Edtech even further.

Some of his early jobs were as a consultant at Deloitte and he even did a stint as an IBM developer. It was during his time in Argentina that he found an interest in trading due to observing the effects of hyperinflation on the local economy.

His first exposure to Bitcoin came in 2010 when he read a white paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto. The following year he signed on as a software engineer with Airbnb and helped take their payment system global. In this position, he discovered just how difficult sending money to South America actually was and started looking for a crypto workaround.

He wrote the code in JavaScript form using the Ruby program so that crypto could be purchased and stored. In 2012 he joined a Y Combinator startup accelerator and was given a $150k investment grant. It was with this grant that Brian launched the now massively popular Coinbase.

The company was founded in 2012 by Brian and Fred Ehrsam. The 2018 round of funding had the company valued at $8.1 billion and went public at the end of 2020. At this point, the company had a market value of $85 billion with $10 billion being Brian’s personal net worth.

Brian Armstrong’s productivity habits

Brian has a few habits that help him maintain his productivity. One of his tried and true habits is to follow a very structured morning routine. His company is mission-focused, so it makes sense that he will cultivate that focus at the start of each day.

How rich is Brian Armstrong?

Brian Armstrong has amassed a net worth of $13 billion dollars. As the CEO of Coinbase, he owns 19% of the company.

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