Cocomelon's net worth

By   |   Updated 25th March 2022

Cocomelon Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Cocomelon is $460 million. Are you surprised?

It is one of the most loved children’s YouTube channels in the US and many countries around world. It has recently been picked up by Netflix, but the mastermind behind the show is creator, Jay Jeon.

The creator is a generally private person, however, we’ll take a deep dive into the creative mind behind Cocomelon and how he’s built huge personal wealth from Cocomelon.

The Early Life of Cocomelon

Jay Jeon, the creator of Cocomelon is married to an illustrator of children’s books. The couple is very private and uses a team of 20 to help produce and create content for the show. They live in San Diego, California, with their children.

Cocomelon’s Education

Jay Jeon is a very private person and there is nothing publicly published regarding his or his wife’s educational background. It is assumed that he has some background in animation and his wife most likely received formal training to become an illustrator.

What does net worth mean?


What does net worth mean?

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How did Cocomelon build their net worth?

They are worth $460 million dollars over the breadth of their enterprises. Let's break down how those earnings were built up.

Jay Jeon built the education-based channel Cocomelon. The YouTube channel has amassed more than 115 million viewers since its creation in 2006. Jay Jeon typically creates content that targets younger kids under 5 such as nursery rhymes and other learning-based content.

The channel earns via YouTube through is massive per video view count which on average brings in around $7 per 1,000 views. With two weekly uploads, the channel has managed to keep its target audience engaged with creative characters, catchy music, and wholesome content that parents love and feel safe showing to their little kids.

Like most YouTube content creators, Jay Jeon also has other income sources. Sponsored posts bring in a generous amount of the creator's income, and Cocomelon is no exception. Taking things off the screen and into the real world, Cocomelon have developed branded toys, homewares and other merchandise perfect for little kids.

In addition to YouTube content, Jay and his wife also own Treasure Studio, which is a programming and animation company that produces the show. They also do contract work for other undisclosed clients.

The show was also picked up by Netflix in 2020 and has remained within their top 10 shows for kids since it was added to the platform.

The show was recently purchased by Moonbug who is backed by Goldman Sachs. The company also purchased the rights to Blippi, which now gives them control of two of the most loved YouTube channels for kids in the US.

Cocomelon’s productivity habits & main personal strengths

Jay Jeon and his wife are very private people, and by shunning the spotlight they are able to maintain high levels of productivity.

They focus on educational content and firmly believe that anything that young minds consume should enrich their young lives.

They make sure to take time to spend time with each other away from work and the internet. They also suggest that anyone interested in being productive follow a similar path.

How rich is Cocomelon?

Jay Jeon has an estimated net worth of $460 million dollars based on the views of their YouTube channel, show sales, and Netflix contracts.

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