Carter Reum's net worth

By   |   Updated 25th March 2022

Net Worth Carter Reum

The estimated net worth of Carter Reum is $40 million.

The Los Angeles based VC founded the angel investment firm called M13 ventures along with his brother Courtney and is now best known outside the start up world as Paris Hilton's husband.

Early life

Carter was born in Wayne, Illinois on 16 May, 1981. His mother, Sherry, was a finance manager and his father, Robert, was a businessman.


Carter attended Glenbard South High School and then went to Columbia University where he finished a degree in Business and Managerial Economics.

Family Life

Carter bases himself in Los Angeles with his current partner Paris Hilton.

What does net worth mean?


What does net worth mean?

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How did Carter Reum build his net worth?

Carter Reum makes his money primarily from the income generated by his angel investment firm M13 Ventures which has made investments and exits in Lyft, Matterport, Ring, and Jessica Alba's The Honest Company.

He also makes money from the royalties of his books about startup's.

He also makes money from other business and investment-related activities.

Carter Reum Quote

What I love about alcohol is that it's not rocket science -- it's a very tangible consumer product. I don't know if we ever could have started a technology company, because we'd have had to rely on other people. But what's great about this is that, assuming you've got a great product and a bottle, it really comes down to execution and how good of a company you run.

How has Carter Reum spent his wealth?

Reum has used his own personal wealth to invest in an oceanfront property in the exclusive Malibu suburb.

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How rich is Carter Reum?

Carter Reum is believed to have around $40 million.

Is Carter Reum a millionaire?

Carter Reum is a multi-millionaire.

Is Carter Reum a billionaire?

Carter Reum has not joined the billionaire club just yet.

Was Carter Reum born rich?

Carter Reum was born into a wealthy business family.

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