Alice Walton's net worth

By   |   Updated 25th March 2022

Alice Walton's Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Alice Walton is $64.7 billion.

Alice, who is 72 years old, is most known as the Walmart heiress. As of the last accounting, she and her siblings owned just over $11 billion dollars worth of shares in the Walmart company. She happens to be the second most wealthy woman in the world.

Early life

Alice grew up with her three brothers in Bentonville. Her father, Sam Walton was the co-founder of Walmart. She is the only daughter of the Walton family and lived a life of privilege and opportunity which she used to explore a range of hobbies.

Alice’s Education

Alice attended Bentonville high school from which she graduated with good marks in 1966. She went on to attend Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. She pursued a degree in finance and economics and secured a BA. Although she studied finance, she focused more on art curation rather than business like the rest of the family.

How did Alice Walton build their net worth?

How much is Alice Walton worth? $64.7 billion, so let’s explore how she has come to amass her wealth.

She started out her work life as a money manager and equity analyst after which she became a broker for EF Hutton. Alice went on to launch the Llama Company in 1988 which closed just 2 years later. She had her hands in other ventures such as the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport development serving on the Northwest Arkansas Council.

Horse Breeding

As is usual for most wealthy people, Alice has cultivated an eye for fine horseflesh. She spends a great portion of her time breeding quality racehorses that are well known for their ability to win races.

Art Curation

Alice took more of an interest in art than in business like her siblings. She spent many years entrenched in the art culture and went on to open her own Museum in 2011. The Crystal Bridges Museum of American was officially launched in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Walmart Earnings

Alice Walton is the only daughter of the co-founder of the Walmart conglomerate. Although her career path led her in a different direction, she still retains joint ownership with her siblings of a large number of Walmart shares. The valuation of those shares goes up and down according to the market, however, she stands to gain half of the total net worth if they were to be sold.

Alice Walton’s productivity habits & personal strengths

Alice has several lessons that others can apply to attain personal success. One of the main bits of advice she gives is to accept failure as a part of the journey to success. In addition, maintain a belief in yourself regardless of setbacks and people who try to discourage your progress. Having courage is a big part of taking risks on the road to big wins. While not for the faint of heart, it should not lead you to rash decisions.

How rich is Alice Walton?

How rich is Alice Walton? She currently stands to gain $64.7 billion as the Heiress to the Walmart fortune. She shares the legacy with her siblings.

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